This Week In My Garden

Here’s what’s going on in the Plain Jane flower garden this week. 

Kiddos exploring the newest blooms.

Gomphrena shooting up.

Beaujolais sweet pea!

Sweet pea elegance, deep red.

Row of snapdragons.


The zinnias are coming!

People say every week that they don’t see much blooming. You absolutely have to get in the rows and explore! So here’s a sampling leftover from the market this weekend. 

This Week In My Garden

Some of the blogs I read have a weekly picture posted of their garden progress. 

It dawned on me that I should so the same here and there! This year has been less than an ideal gardening year. Between weather (always, right?), moving it to our new property (which we don’t actually reside at), growing almost 100% new-to-us plant varieties and a gazillion other little things…it got a ssllllooooowwww start. 

Did you say that in slow-mo? Because you were definitely supposed to!

But now, about a month later than we expected, things are established and growing and FINALLY starting to bloom! 

I wish I had though if it sooner, but here’s last week’s photo, followed by a few from this week.

Gallery Walls

Sometime, I’ll have to tell you all about the lesson in contentment I’m learning right now (or supposed to be anyway). But for now, I’ll show you one of my baby steps: gallery walls.

They’re not the first and won’t be the last I’m sure. But these ones are new. The stuff isn’t new. Except the Lego frame, I made that today.

 I always feel like I need a child as an excuse to build things with Legos so I tried to get Micaiah to make it with me…to no avail. Hello, my name is Elicia. I’m a grown woman and I love to play with Lego bricks. Anyways, hopefully they make it feel more “homey” in here. The pictures, not the Legos.

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Reading List

Along with Charles Spurgeon’s Autobiography, here’s what I’m working on right now. Victory on the Walls is a read aloud for school, but I enjoy them so it counts right? 

Here’s my last batch from a month or so ago. To be honest, I ended up replacing Answers to Prayer with Mueller’s biography and I’m still in the first chapter of Sally Clarkson’s Mission of Motherhood. Having a nursing baby is the perfect guarantee that I’ll get at least a few minutes here and there to read! Are you enjoying any good books lately?

Our Daily Bread

Sometime last week, I was kneading bread when Adriel woke up. Usually our first to rise, I’m thankful that it affords us a few sweet moments together. Sometimes we snuggle on the couch or eat our oatmeal together.  On this particular day, I taught her to knead bread.

She looked at me with excited eyes and said, “Mamma, pease hewp?”


A thousand yesses, no matter how big of a mess she makes. Sometimes I feel like all of my interactions with her (my outgoing, determined, smiley little two year old) are negative. I’m sure that’s not the case, but often I look back at the day and remember far to many “not right nows” and “please don’t do thats.”

That is exactly why I value every hug and every moment when I can say “yes, let’s!”

So we knead bread and we sit down and ask for our daily bread and then thank Him for His provision.