A Little Crocheting

A friend made a request for a brown crocheted spring hat. Normally I’d have said no. I prefer to knit and have three unfinished projects I should be working on. BUT, it was such a quick and easy project! Plus it feels good to have something finished. I think I’m even inspired enough to finish the baby’s hat too.

The pattern was free from Busting Stitches: here.


I is for…


Insects inside and Indians!

We discussed why Native Americans were called Indians, why they wore the clothes they did and even visited local historical sites! It was a fun couple of days.

Politically incorrect you say? Nah! None of my Native friends care, and polls show (concerning sports teams) a vast majority don’t. So let’s not put words in anyone’s mouth and enjoy this letter craft just in time for a lesson on the friendly multicultural Thanksgiving feast!

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