Where were you?

There’s been a lot of talk about politics these days. I’ve been known to have a strong opinion or two, but this time I feel like a minority in the Christian world.

It could be anything at anytimew but this week it’s the Supreme Court ruling to legalize gay marriage. I was interested in the reaction of both churched and non-churched people alike as a few went to scripture but mostly some celebrated, some mourned, some lashed out, some feared, and others rushed to the defense of each side of the issue.

I had to wonder if my heart was unhealthy because I wasn’t freaking out. Yes, I had some thoughts rolling around in my head, but to be honest with you I didn’t feel much of anything. Ironically, I started feeling a little bit guilty for my lack of feeling. But then something clicked that God had been doing in my heart all week.

If you’re a Christian, I’m sure you’ve had those times when the same thing keeps popping up everywhere. I’ve always liked how Margaret Feinberg calls it a sacred echo. Not a coincidence, but a God who knows exactly how to speak to our hearts.

This week the book of Job came up in conversations, reading, and even the Sunday school lesson I was teaching (to preschoolers no less, talk about difficult). The final straw was a song that went straight to my heart. It’s the second amazing song I’ve come across based on this passage in Job.

I felt a deep peace in my heart. It’s okay that I wasn’t surprised or worried or a happy or any myriad of other reactions I could have had. If anything, I was baffled. Why were my fellow believers shocked that a mere kingdom of this world isn’t acting and looking like the eternal Kingdom? Why are they surprised that the world doesn’t look like the church?

For every possible reaction besides joy in the Lord and trust in His sovereignty, the Lord had an answer of peace for my heart. Fear? Anger? Happiness? Sadness? Bitterness? Passion?

Who am I? Where was I when He laid the foundations of the earth? He is almighty, eternal, all-knowing, merciful, loving and patient.

Should we stand on His word? Absolutely. Should we worry if the world look drastically different from what God asks of us? No. He told us it would happen and he told us not to fear.

No matter what is going on in your life and the world around you, I pray (really, actually pray for you) that you look to the God of the Bible for peace. Here is the song that the Counselor used to speak to my heart this week. I hope it encourages you, maybe today or maybe another day. I also highly encourage you to read the section of scripture. It goes from about Job 36-40