It’s a boy!

After nine months of anticipation and wonder, today was the day.

 I woke up a couple of times last night thinking it must be time. As usual, new life takes its good old time.

Nic kept telling me to “slow down” and “be calm” reminding me that I’ve never experienced “this end” of labor. 

I’m pretty sure he had a butt-load of fun lording it over me. 

Anywho, without further ado: (I totally didn’t intend to rhyme)

Here’s my one and only late night photo of our brand new, perky Jersey bull calf. 

He remains unnamed but I think most of the family is leaning toward Amos. 

I’ll let you know! But in the meantime, in just so thankful for God’s provision! (You may have to remind me of that when my milking muscles are killing me in a couple of days!)

Peace out! I mean good night!

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