Pants For My Girls

My one and two year old girls are fitting in the same clothes right now so I’m doubly excited to see these new pants on them.

I got the pattern idea from Old Navy. The clothes in their girls’ department pretty much look like my Pinterest board for girls clothes. I wanted to buy everything in the section except like two things. But I couldn’t because 1. I’m saving to buy a field (literally this isn’t some Proverbs 31 wannabe analogy) and 2. I can’t decide whether it’s helpful or harmful to the people growing the cotton or making them in a factory in Bangladesh. Yesterday I was obviously leaning toward unfair.

So I took a picture of every rack for future reference and walked out feeling like I had earned a fair trade shirt and some new fabric.

Anyways, enough about my thought process behind buying one pair of pants. Here’s my copycat alternative:


I’ll try to edit when I have photos of them wearing these rockin pantalones!



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