It’s Time!

It happened. The moment I’ve been waiting for. She traced…

You see, I tend to jump into things (probably a little too soon sometimes) when it comes to homeschooling. I started feeling like Adriel was getting ready to start informal preschool soon.

“Wait,” I told myself. “Just wait.”

So I decided I would wait for a few readiness signs before I dive into preschool once again. 

First, she started counting. (For a minute there I thought she was going to count to 20 before Micaiah. Oh how different they are! )

Then she started singing her ABCs. (We didn’t stress the letter names with Micaiah thinking it would only hinder his phonemic awareness. On the contrary, I think this is one reason he lacks confidence in his reading abilities.)

She’s also been asking to do school like the bigger kids.

Still, I thought. Wait for it. 

I was hoping to wait until she was more than just capable of retaining information, but she could do something with it. I was waiting for her fine motor skills to get to a place where she might enjoy some coloring and tracing activities.


 She’s there! First it was a 1, then a 0, a 9 and then she was off! I’m so excited! So I’ve broken out our montessori sandpaper letters for a tactile experience. I also plan on putting together a letter themed basket each week (pictures to come I’m sure). I’ll be sure to hit up one of my favorite sites for printables: Confessions of a Homeschooler. 

Since Micaiah has taken a sudden interest in practicing cursive, he’ll do the alphabet right along with us and we’ll read the alphabet books that I’ve gotten out together.

So: we’ll sing and read about the alphabet, explore the letter of the week with objects and sandpaper letters, trace the letter and maybe make a craft or two. 

That’s the plan anyways! The goal is to expose her to letters with their shapes and sounds to begin recognition. I’m not expecting perfect recognition or writing on her own, but we’ll let her set the pace.

I’ll try and share some photos!

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