Our Daily Bread

Sometime last week, I was kneading bread when Adriel woke up. Usually our first to rise, I’m thankful that it affords us a few sweet moments together. Sometimes we snuggle on the couch or eat our oatmeal together.  On this particular day, I taught her to knead bread.

She looked at me with excited eyes and said, “Mamma, pease hewp?”


A thousand yesses, no matter how big of a mess she makes. Sometimes I feel like all of my interactions with her (my outgoing, determined, smiley little two year old) are negative. I’m sure that’s not the case, but often I look back at the day and remember far to many “not right nows” and “please don’t do thats.”

That is exactly why I value every hug and every moment when I can say “yes, let’s!”

So we knead bread and we sit down and ask for our daily bread and then thank Him for His provision.

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