Upcycled Hoodie

Tonight I made a hoodie for my son out of and old sweatshirt . If I’d have known how handsome it was going to turn out I would have taken photos for a tutorial. Oh well, maybe next time.


If you have basic sewing skills and you’d like to give it a shot, here’s what you need to know:

I used a size med adult sweatshirt (no hood) and made a 4T hoodie. I would have been able to do at least a 5T though.

Where I took the pieces from:
-Salvage the bottom to resew on your mini version!
-I wanted the logo so I used another 4T sweatshirt as a guide to cut the body straight from the middle front and back of the original.
-I used the same sweatshirt to cut sleeves to the proper length starting with the original cuff.
-the top (what’s left after you cut off a mini sleeve) of one of the original sleeves became the hood. I cut it from the body right next to the serged edge to reuse along the front if the hood. In other words serged edge that was attached to the body becomes the front. The end from which you cut the mini-sleeve gets sewn shut to become the back. And the bottom (armpit!) gets cut open and sewn around the neck opening.

I had to just pin a little, cut a little and pin some more to put it together just right. Until I do this project again and get some pics, you ‘ll probably need a basic understanding of how to put a shirt together. Winging it worked out well this time for me though!

Sleeves to body
Sew up bottoms of sleeves and sides if sweatshirt
Add original knit hem


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