Chores/Responsibility Chart Download

I looked high and low for a chores type chart for my son. He is 3 and totally capable of doing many things by himself, but he and I both need a reminder and incentive to keep us on track. I found one I liked but it wasn’t a perfect fit, so I decided to make my own. After using it for a couple months I need to make a couple changes. Since he is just learning how to read, it was difficult for him to find which day he is supposed to do which chore. Instead, I’m going to give him a couple consistent duties and just give rewards if he does any extras.

If you can use the chart as it is now, feel free to download it! Before I go and remodel the whole thing, maybe this version won’t go to waste after all! FYI: The “feed pets” box is green two days a week to correspond with when we feeds our frog. Obviously you can ignore that. Maybe a venus fly trap would be a good replacement though!



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