On Mothering

Soaking Cold! As my son would say.

Soaking Cold! As my son would say.

My brain is constantly going a million miles an hour. I over-analyze EVERYTHING! Much of this blog is an overflow of what I just can’t keep inside. Well, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about motherhood. As I begin to come to conclusions on things such as parenting styles and medicine, I always think of Sarah. As in, the wife of Abraham. The New Testament says to be like her (as a wife), so what tools did she have to raise, nurture, grow her children up? Then I have to remember (or be reminded, thanks husband!) that advancements aren’t bad, just need to be sorted like wheat and chaff.

These days I’ve been over-thinking mothering. Sears, Ferber? Attached, detached? To wear, to stroll? I find that even when something is working great, I often wonder if I should be doing it differently. At the very least, I hate when people ask questions about sleep, nursing etc. I feel like I’m going to be judged on my answer and honestly, I don’t want to lose the respect of women who have my respect. I probably feel this way because I would have judge pretty harshly in the past. My first newborn was so easy, I thought I had it down. Ha! That’s a laugh…

I’ll be more detailed in another post, but here are some things I’ve decided:

  • So far, I don’t believe that residing in either of the parenting “camps” is right for me or my children.
  • Parenting books (especially on infancy) are stupid.
  • Having said this, nothing beats good old fashioned mother-to-mother wisdom. (more on this later too)
  • God has given us His Word, and thereby everything we need to live a life pleasing to Him.
Girl Time - Fishing our home waters

Girl Time – Fishing our home waters

In my over-analyzing, I forget the most important things! If I would not be concerned with what people think, I would just do what comes natural to me. As long as I’m 1.) seeking to do right by the opportunity that God has given me to mold young disciples and 2.) fighting things like laziness and selfishness that might tempt me to take the easy way out, everything should be fine. What better job could I do than one I do to please the Lord?

What are some of your parenting convictions? Do you subscribe to one parenting style or another?

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