Potty Training Slow and Steady: Final Update-Stage Three

If you haven’t checked out the introduction, you can do that here. Today, I’m going to update you on Stage Three, the final stage!

Summary Thus Far

Our potty training experience started off incredibly well. Overall my son did exceptional but there were days when I felt like he was allergic to porcelain. When he had accidents they came in bunches over a several hour period. When these became fewer and farther between, I considered us in Stage Three.

Stage Three Update

It’s been about six weeks of slow and steady potty training, and I’ll admit that I beam inside everytime someone comments about how well my son uses the toilet for his age. Since my last post, my little man has been in underwear full time, even during nap time. He still wears a cloth diaper at night and is slowly beginning to wake up dry here and there. (I think it will be quite a while before he’s out of diapers at night though.)

Over the last month that has encompassed Stage Three, I have noticed some things. The occasional accident is quite normal in toddlers and very young children. I think that over time, most mothers notice a pattern. (Or at least they would if they were blogging about their experience.) These are what I consider normal for my child, although you may notice very different patterns in your child’s bladder behaviour.

  • I have to take farts seriously: if my boy starts to smell it’s time to go! By the time he realizes the difference between a flatulence and a bowel movement, we had better be next to the toilet.
  • If he gets extra tired, bladder control completely escapes his mind. I do think that routine is good for children, but (as a pastor’s wife especially) we have to be flexible when it comes to the needs of others and demands of ministry. Sometimes a late night or skipped nap is worth it. Thankfully, my son doesn’t get cranky, just starts wetting himself.
  • The final issue is simultaneously the most humorous and the most frustrating, especially while camping! He will neither make time for the toilet nor pull down his pants (on his own) for a tree when he is outside. It may be his sheer love of the outdoors, but even if I stay on top of taking him he has accidents while outside. It’s weird and it’s getting better, which is good because I was beginning to have an aversion to going out


Not having the pressure of a time limit yet combining the disciplines of being all-in worked really well for our family. I also feel like allowing him to build an awareness of his bladder control with very little pressure made the whole process easier on everyone.

On the negative side, no matter how low pressure I tried to make things, I found myself frustrated at times. I think one potential problem with taking it slow is feeling like your child should “know better by now”.

Also, there may be a potential for some people to waver back and forth from toilet to diapers. I tend to always want to move on to the next thing so it wasn’t a problem. I have friends who might have been tempted to slap a diaper back on when it was convenient which could have extended the process and made it more difficult for their son/daughter to get the hang of things.

I feel like this whole process was a cinch and loved the relaxed learning environment! Now that I’ve been beaming for a few weeks, I’ll open myself up:

Do you feel like the Slow & Steady approach would work in your home? Why?

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