Potty Training Slow and Steady: Update-Stage One

If you haven’t checked out the introduction, you can do that here. In the meantime, here’s a review of our slow and steady way to toilet train.

Step 1: Run around naked as much as possible – 3-5 days.

This is to bring an awareness of what it feels like when he has to urinate. He is forced to think about it instead of just letting it happen and the diaper taking care of it. I keep the potty chair out in case he feels it in time to sit down.

Step 2: Once he is aware of what it feels like before he urinates, we introduce the potty chair as the place we try to pee every time. He can wear underwear and/or training pants at times for this stage, but running around pant-less will still be very helpful – 4-7 days.

This is where pee on the floor officially becomes an accident. He has an awareness and should communicate or sit on the potty before he goes.

Step 3: At this stage he can be considered potty trained, but we’ll still reward for going in the toilet to encourage this to stick – about 1 week.

Underwear are a must during the day now! (Unfortunately we can’t run around butt-naked forever!)

Stage One Update

I kept Micaiah bare-bottomed for a little less than a week. He began to say “Oh! Pee!” when he went on the floor. Or he would come and say “Mum, towel!” when he made a puddle. If I asked him if he had to go he would usually say no but sometimes he would reconsider and go sit on the potty chair. Eventually he started saying yes and willingly sitting on a toilet/potty chair. He had definitely developed an awareness of what it feels like to need to pee or poop.

On Saturday I felt like he would be ready the next day but Sundays are way to busy for me to give him the kid of focus potty training requires. To my delight, in the evening after our activities(since he was naked) he made his way to the potty chair everytime he had to urinate without even being asked!

I would say Stage One – huge success!!

How old was your child (children) when he/she knew when they had to go to the restroom before it was to late?

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