More than Remeniscing: Good Friends Are a Must-Have!

A couple decades (or so) ago I had an argument with a girl by the name of Stephanie. We came to an impasse and I pulled out the kicker, “Fine! I hate yellow! And I’ll always hate yellow!” (Let the reader understand that said Stephanie’s VERY favorite color was yellow.)

We went inside and our third grade teachers (we were in separate classes) shortly realized that something was very wrong and forced us to make up.

Six years ago, Stephanie and our third Musketeer, Danielle, were my best gals in my wedding (in which, I have to admit my colors were blue and yellow)!

Almost exactly two years ago, Stephanie was home visiting family when I gave birth to my son Micaiah. She lives 1800 miles away and was still able to be one of my first visitors.

A few months ago I received a text from Stephanie, (who lives on the opposite side of the country) while I was in the yarn store, “You’re an Auntie! It’s a girl!” It also included all the usual stats we all love to know.

And then, just the other day while Stephanie was home visiting once again, I went to a Meet-and-Greet shower for little Juliette. As I held one of my two oldest friends’ firstborn daughter, I remembered the yellow fight, I recalled the ones we’ve all had since. But most of all, I thought of dreams.

I don’t think we get to just dream up whatever we want and ask God to get on board. But as a little girl, Danielle, Stephanie and I would play dolls and make believe all kinds of things. Inevitably, we would be play out almost every possible future that could be in store. While none of us are doctors, famous photographers, marine biologists or really any of the career women we dreamt of once in a while, we are all doing exactly what we dreamt of most of the time.

We are all lovely ladies who serve the Lord. We are all maturing in discipline and discipleship. We grow gardens, and relationships and children whom we pray will seek the Lord themselves as we raise them as God gives us the ability through His grace.

The one who struggled the most in school, has completed the most education. The most flirtatious one settled down first. The two that dreamt of being doctors (neurologist & pediatric oncologist to be exact) were the first to be full time mommies.

So, what’s my point? Am I just reminiscing on the world wide web? I guess when I sat there holding Juliette, I just felt like…This is it. This is about as good as it gets in this life. Marrying the boys we loved (Stephanie and I both got married pretty young), having the opportunity to raise children, serving the Lord in the local church and around the world, making disciples….these are all of our dreams come true!

None of us need to talk very frequently while we’re apart, but ANYTIME we need ANYTHING: prayer, advice, encouragement and so on, the others come to the aide like super-heroes to the rescue! When it comes to finding and supporting a husband, trying for babies, staying up with crying all night, and serving the Lord, we’re there for each other. And I hate to admit it (being the free-spirited, artsy one), but I need them!


When you’re trying your best to honor the Lord with faith, marriage, family and the craziness of life in general, you need support. You need accountability. You need people who will pray for you and encourage you. I am so thankful that I am so blessed as to have two young ladies know have known me for so long!

Who do you rely on for feminine understanding, support and encouragement? Are there ladies who know you well enough to know exactly what you need to hear?

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