My Diapers Are In!

I have wanted to cloth diaper for a long time. Somehow $20-$30 a box has been more doable than the initial investment for fitted pocket diapers though. I had considered using flats or prefolds but I know myself. I know that I won’t want to put the extra effort in, especially after using disposables for so long.


Nic will be so embarassed that his boy was caught wearing a purple diaper!

After an unfortunate bout with used Fuzzibunz, I finally saved enough for brand new BumGenius 4.0 with snaps. The only bad reviews for the 4.0s were the bad applix and a little bulky. Bulky I can handle and applix I skipped-perfect! I found a coupon code for one free diaper when you spend over $100 at that particular store, so I put in two orders! Unfortunately you don’t get to pick your color for the free diaper, hence the purple on my very manly little man!

So after all the prewashing, today is our first day and we’re loving it!

If you cloth diaper, what kind do you use? If not, have you considered trying it?

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